About Swap my Vote

In UK general elections, if your vote isn’t for the winning candidate, it is largely wasted. This leads to various problems including voter apathy, electoral deserts, and tactical voting. The national debate is narrowed by parties targeting their policies towards centrist floating voters in marginal constituencies. In the 2010 election, only 29% of votes cast were necessary for the candidates to win; over half of votes were for losing candidates. Over 70% of votes were ‘wasted’ votes. 2011’s AV referendum did nothing to correct any of these issues.

Meanwhile over the past few years Internet platforms including Kickstarter and Airbnb have opened up previously undreamed-of ways for people to collaborate and share resources. Now Swap my Vote is bringing the ‘Sharing Economy’ to democracy. A radical and practical experiment, the Swap my Vote platform will use social media to help pair voters who want to swap, each casting each other’s preferred vote where it counts for most.